For Penn State we wanted to take our viewers on a road trip through Pennsylvania. We wanted to show Pennsylvanians that Penn State sees what they see. Know what they know. And worry about what they worry about. We wanted to let Pennsylvanians know that Penn State is the neighbor with the intention - and the means - to improve things.
So we road tripped through Pennsylvania. Piecing together various scenes to create a visually compelling portrait of the state and its people.
And then COVID happened.(More specifically, the lockdown started while we were off shooting - but that's a story better told over some drinks.)
So instead, we took all of the footage we shot, wrote a new script, talked about the new normal we're all facing together, paired it with a student's incredible acapella rendition of the Penn State alma mater, and watched it air during a Penn State game.
Director: Tucker Bliss, 1st Ave Machine
Editor: Eric Argiro, Cut+Run
Color: Sofie Borup, Co3
Mix/Sound Design: Geoff Strasser, Mr Bronx
Vocals: Melody Munitz
Agency: Decoded
CCO: David Weinstock
GCDS: Andy Currie, Victor Sie
ACD/Art: Joyce Kuan
ACD/Copy: Annemarie Cullen
Producer: Dan Fried
Post Producer: Linzy Anderson