PlayStation came to us for some content that gamers would want to share with their friends. So we created the “The World’s Greatest Victory Dance” embracing the epic celebration that occurs after beating your friends and, more importantly, the primal need to shove that victory in your friend's face. 
Together with the world’s greatest dancers, the New York City Ballet, we created six unique victory dance videos. Each video represented a popular gaming genre, so gamers could share the victory dance most appropriate for their victory.

We aggregated the videos on PlayStation's website. Gamers were encouraged to share these victory dances with their gaming buddies to rub in their victories.

I created the logo for the campaign drawing inspiration from the controller.

And GIFs. Because GIFs.
2015 Art Directors Club - Bronze 
Featured on Fast Company, PSKF, AdWeek "Ad of the Day", and Creativity

Director: Jon Jon Augustavo, Skunk
Editor: Nick Rondeau, Arcade Edit
Color: Fergus McCall, The Mill
Composers: Beacon Street Studios
Mix: Tom Jucarone, Sound Lounge
Agency: BBH NY
Creative Directors: Dave Brown, Ian Hart
Art Director: Joyce Kuan
Copywriter: Jamie Rome
Producer: John Riddle